5 minute Asthma Check-up

Able 5 min asthma check-up


Able Asthma has a nation-wide program to train pharmacy staff with a unique “5 Minute Asthma Check-up” for every asthma pharmacy customer. This asthma check-up is conducted whilst the customer is having their medication script filled.

How patients can benefit from an asthma check-up program

With over 2.2 million Australians having asthma, and up to 90% of these people not using their devices correctly, the aim of the Able 5 Minute Asthma Check-up is to educate all asthma customers for a better health outcome. With many GP clinics having large patient loads and less time to spend with patients, the 5 Minute Asthma Check-up provides an opportunity for patients to ensure they are using their inhaler devices correctly, understand why they should use a spacer with their puffer medication, gain the maximum benefit from their medication, and possibly save lives.

Many pharmacy staff do not feel as though they have the knowledge or confidence to make the right recommendation to asthma customers. Quite often an asthma sufferer will visit a pharmacy several times for medication without having any questions asked about how well their asthma is being managed. The role of the pharmacy is to provide this service.

Training program

Pharmacy staff undergo a short training session to ensure all staff members feel they have the confidence to make the right recommendation and give the correct advice to their asthma customers.

The program explains:

  1. How and why to recommend a spacer for all asthma patients
  2. The correct use and technique for using a spacer
  3. The three questions to ask a customer which indicate they need a review with a doctor
  4. The correct technique for taking a Peak Expiratory Flow reading
  5. The correct use of an In-Check Dial to assess and educate a patients speed of inhalation for various common inhaler devices

For further support or information, please contact your local Able Asthma representative.