Able Spacer™ Silver Ion Antibacterial range

Coaching whistle
BPA Free

Able Spacer Silver Ion Anti-bacterial Range

Able Spacer™ Antibacterial vs ordinary plastic spacers


Able Spacer Silver Ion - 99% bacteria free

The new ABLE Spacer Antibacterial is embedded with silver ion to protect against 99% of all harmful bacteria.
* Demonstrated by ISO 22196 tests


Ordinary Anti-static Spacer - 40% contamination

Common plastic spacers can contain up to 40% bacterial contamination that causes harm to the lungs and even pneumonia.


How it works


Silver Ion Anti-bacterial - How it works

When bacteria comes into contact with a silver ion protected surface, the silver ions inhibit the bacteria’s ability to multiply, therefore they die.


Coaching whistle and Rafi-Tone App

Teaches proper inhaling technique for the best health outcomes


Able Spacer Flo-Tone Coaching Whistle Diagram

CheckCoaching whistle attachment sounds with the correct inhaling technique.

Able Spacer Whistle Mask Diagram

CheckMask makes a whistle sound when inhaling if the mask is fitted correctly.

Able Spacer Rafi-Tone Coaching App

Both the mask and coaching whistle work with the free Rafi-Tone Lite App.

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Rafi-Tone App

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