VapourMist Humidifier


A vaporiser/humidifier that puts moisture back into the air, runs quietly all night, and is safe for babies and children.
Control humidity levels.
Digital humidity level display.
7 colour night light.

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Dry air from air-conditioning can irritate your family’s skin, nose and lungs. The VapourMist Humidifier is the safest way to put moisture back into the air, minimising wet walls and room mould.

  • 2 in 1 Vaporiser and Humidifier
  • Control humidity levels
  • Top fill design for easy cleaning
  • Cool mist – no heat element
  • Minimise wet walls and room mould
  • 1–12 hour auto shut-off settings
  • 12+ hours of silent operation
  • Digital touch operation
  • Energy efficient
  • 7 LED colour night light
  • 2 year warranty
  • BPA free

What is the ideal indoor humidity level?

An indoor humidity level of between 40–60% has been scientifically proven to support good respiratory health.

Lower levels of humidity (<40%) lead to very dry air which increases the likelihood of catching airborne viruses, and can irritate your family’s skin, nose and lungs.

Higher levels of humidity (>60%) create an environment for two of the most common triggers for asthma and allergy – dust mites and mould.
Unlike like steam vaporisers, the VapourMist allows you to control the humidity level in your home and safely put moisture back into the air.

Why use a cool mist humidifier over hot steam?

Both cool mist and hot steam humidifiers are equally effective in humidifying the air.

By the time the water vapour reaches the lower airways, it ends up the same temperature regardless of whether it started out cool or hot.

The VapourMist uses ultrasonic technology, with no heating element, making it a far safer option for your family.

Power output and input operating voltage: AC 240v, 50Hz
Power: 23.5w

Use with Able VapourMist Essential Oils.

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