Flutter® Mucus Clearance Respiratory Device


The Flutter provides positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy for patients with mucus producing respiratory conditions.

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The Flutter is a small, lightweight mucus clearance device that requires no power and can be used anywhere at anytime. It works by the patient exhaling into the device, this causes the precision steel ball inside the casting to vibrate. The vibrations travel back into the lungs, these vibrations loosen the mucus in the airways. Gentle coughing then removes the mucus.

Sessions normally last between 5 and 15 minutes. The Flutter is an effective alternative to physiotherapy.

  • Small, portable device
  • Low cost, effective option for mucus clearance
  • Short sessions required for maximum effectiveness
  • Easy to clean, by simply washing

Flutter® Mucus Clearance Respiratory Device – Instructions

Flutter® Mucus Clearance Respiratory Device – Product Sheet

How does Flutter work?

When you exhale (breathe out) through the Flutter, your breath moves the steel ball inside. This causes: 1) airway vibrations that loosen mucus and, 2) a slight increase in pressure that aids in keeping your airways open. This combined action of vibration and pressure results in the mucus moving progressively up your airways until you can cough it out.

Why airway clearance?

In many chronic pulmonary conditions there is a build-up of secretions in the airways. These secretions, if left in the airways, can block air passages, make breathing difficult, and provide an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and thrive – a primary cause of progressive, irreversible lung damage. Therefore, airway clearance is critical to your overall care. Daily airway clearance with the Flutter can help break this cycle of lung infection and damage.

Flutter specifications

Dimensions: 92 x 82 x 42mm
Weight: 85g

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