LifeSmart™ Cholesterol Test Strips


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Pack of 10 – Cholesterol Test Strips
For use with the LifeSmart™ Cholesterol Multi-functional Monitoring System

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Pack of 10 – Cholesterol Test Strips

For use with the LifeSmart™ Cholesterol Multi-functional Monitoring System, which actively connects to your smartphone (Android or Apple) allowing you to transfer, view and analyze your meaningful data in real time. Using the free app gives you the flexibility to share your data with your doctor, dietician or family members.

Cholesterol Test Strips Specifications

Enzyme Type: GDH-FAD
Sample Size: 3.0 μL
Reaction Time: 60 seconds
Parameter: Cholesterol
Measurement Range: 10 – 700 mg/dL (0.56 – 38.89 mmol/L)
Hematocrit Range: 0% – 70%Precision ∓ 5% with respect to standard
Accuracy: ∓ 15 mg/dL if ≦ 100 mg/dL; ∓ 15 % if > 100 mg/dL