Modern Slavery Statement

Wymedical Pty Ltd is a South Australian company providing a range of health products and devices to pharmacy wholesalers, medical suppliers, and customers around Australia.

We have a strong sense of social responsibility to ensure we are aware of and speak out on the issues that impact our employees, our customers, and our industry.

We are strongly opposed to modern slavery, and we strive to act ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place within our supply chains.

We are committed to identifying and addressing anti-modern slavery laws within our own business and the organisations we work with. We aim to achieve this through open communication and collaboration with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

We recognise our obligation to provide our customers with high quality products at a competitive price whilst ensuring that at no point is any person in any part of the supply chain exploited or treated in a way that breaks any legislation.

We support our employees, suppliers, and customers in addressing issues arising from modern slavery.

We seek to treat everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent, safe, and trusted.