Microlife® B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood pressure monitor with irregular heartbeat detection
Gentle+ pressure control cuff
Cuff fit check
30 data memory
5 year warranty (device)

The Microlife® B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor provides all important features that you need for measuring blood pressure reliably and accurately: 30 data memory for long-term monitoring of your blood pressure levels, IHB* technology for irregular heartbeat detection which might affect your blood pressure values and the new feature “cuff fit check” ensures that the cuff is correctly placed on your upper arm.

Attach cuff, start, measure – done!

*In case of IHB it is recommended to repeat the measurement. If IHB comes up frequently it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Detection of irregular heartbeat
Irregular heartbeat (IHB) detection for early alerts to possible heart irregularities

Optimal speed and pressure control for comfortable measurements

Washable soft cuff
High-quality cuff for most common arm sizes (M-L / 22-42 cm)

30 data memory
And average display of all stored measurements

Cuff fit check
Shows before each measurement, if the cuff has correctly been attached on your upper arm

Easy blood pressure classification
An indicator shows how your result is classified according to international hypertension guidelines

Clinically validated
Validated for use in children (12+), patients with diabetes, renal disease, pregnancy/pre-eclampsia and obesity.

Specifications – Microlife® B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

Fully-automatic for upper arm
IHB technology
Cuff fit check
30 data memory
Average of stored measurements
Easy indicator for blood pressure classification
Adjustable date and time
Low battery indicator
Rechargeable battery-friendly
Accessories: conical M-L soft cuff (22-42cm), 4 x AA alkaline batteries, textile soft bag and BP diary

Model no.: BP B2 Basic
Dimensions: 131 x 90 x 60.5 mm
Weight: 277 g (including batteries)
Voltage source:
4 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries; size AA
or mains adapter DC 6V, 600 mA (optional)
Measuring range:
20 – 280 mmHg (blood pressure)
40 – 200 beats per minute (pulse)

More information on the Microlife® website:
Microlife® B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

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