Microlife® Blood Pressure Monitor Soft Cuff


Soft Cuff for Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors
Fan-shaped cuff for improved accuracy
Different cuff sizes
Latex and PVC* free
TPU bladder for better durability
Some sizes temporarily out of stock

No longer available for units 2017 and earlier – please contact us for discounted alternative

Microlife® fan-shaped soft cuff

The Microlife® soft cuff is available in different sizes to provide the perfect fit for the highest accuracy during blood pressure measurements.

Provides a better fit for improved accuracy

Different sizes
For the best fit on everybody’s arm

Latex and PVC* free
Suitable for allergy sufferers

TPU bladder
For better durability

Conical cuff shape
Easy to fit
Highest level of comfort
Clinically tested and validated

Available arm circumference sizes:
S (17-22cm / 6.7-8.7″)
M (22-32cm /″)
M-L (22-42cm / 8.7-16.5″)
L (32-42cm / 12.6-16.5″)
L-XL (32-52cm / 12.6-20.5″)

Each Microlife® cuff has a uniquely coded connector with integrated calibrated valve, that guarantees optimal deflation speed.

Yellow connector for yellow cuff socket

S cuff
S cuff
M, M/L cuff
M M-L cuff
L, X/L cuff
L X-L cuff

For all Microlife® automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors with yellow cuff socket.

Unicoloured grey/black connector for white cuff socket

S, M, M/L cuff
S M M-L cuff
L, L/XL cuff
L L-XL cuff

For all semi-automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors.
For all automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors with Inflation Mode Technology (IMT).

Size: 670 x 150mm
Weight: 172.5g

*Cuff tube is PVC
**Not suitable for WatchBP blood pressure monitors

Microlife® B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife® B3 AFIB Advanced Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

More information on the Microlife® website:
Microlife® Soft Cuffs

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A100 plus (3MC1-2), A 200 (3MS1-4K), 3AP1-3E, 3AQ1 (3BM1-3P), A2 Basic (3GQ1-3P), A3 PC (3GX1-5X), B1 Plus (3KF1-3P), B2 Basic (3KA1-3N), B3 AFIB Advanced (3KT1-3E)


S, M-L, XL